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To celebrate the 60th anniversary of our founding in 1957,

The Suburban Garden Club of Cheshire Presented:

'Stars of the 1950s'

A Standard Flower Show

June 10, 2017

Elim Park, Cheshire

Click on links below for information for exhibitors.




2011 Flower Show









On June 4, 2011 The Suburban Garden Club of Cheshire partnered with The Cheshire Garden Club to present a

"Cheshire: Past, Present and Fuchsia".   Please click here for show highlights, including descriptions and staging for Horticulture and Design classes, Special Exhibits as well as photos of award winning entries in each category.



Past Flower Shows

June 2017 - Stars of the 1950s

June 2011 - Cheshire Past, Present and Fuchsia 

June 2006 - Trash to Treasure

June 1997 - Somewhere in Time

June 1991 - Strolling Through the Park

June 1987 - Our Flowering Industrial Park

June 1983 - A Step Back in Time

June 1981 -  Hallelujah, Cable T.V.

June 1979 - June Celebrations

September 1976 - To Feel, To Grow

September 1973 - Clearwater Revival

September 1970 - Through the Open Door

June 1968 - Another Opinion, Another Show

September 1966 - Arts, Crafts and Posies

June 1965 - Cheshire, A Nice Town

September 1966 - Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson

June 1962 - Nature’s Paintbrush

May 1960  - Spring in Many Lands

May 1959 - Welcome Sweet Spring

September 1958 -  Autumn Reflections

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