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Suburban Garden Club of Cheshire was founded in 1957 by Mrs. Emil Yocher.

"Our garden club was formed with a common desire to learn how to beautify our yard and home with flowers.  One thing the successful amateur gardener must learn is to know when to be in a hurry or when to restrain oneself.  We don't expect to be experts overnight, but by helping each other, delving into books, and attentive listening to the speakers we should gradually increase our knowledge and consequently our gardens." 

                                                           ~ Edith McLeelan, Suburban Garden Club President 1957

Suburban Garden Club Charter Members

Helen Bickford

Dianne Brown

Phyllis Clouse

Margo Downes

Mary Lois Garrity

Barbara Isaacs

Betty Kane

Rosemary Kerfoot

Joyce Korten

Josephine Kowalski

Sheila Logan

Edith McClellan

Theresa Redman

Meredith Roy

Phyllis Stewart

Mary Stevens

Jeanne Suprenant

Doris Thatcher

Our logo was designed by one of our founding members, Jean Surprenant, in the late 1970s.  It features a yellow Erythronium Americanum, also known as a Trout Lily or Yellow Adder's Tongue.  The flower is yellow (though there are white ones too) with mottled leaves of brown and green.  The plant grows 5-10 inches high and looms in moist, thick woods from March to May.

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