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The Josephine Award

This award was established in 2019 to recognize a member who displays positive qualities reminiscent of SGC co-founder Josephine Kowalski.


Joins in to help

Outstanding volunteer

Supports club programs

Energetic participant

Positive contributor

Horticulture enthusiast

Inspires others

Nature lover

Exceptional member: 


Click here for a .ppt template to be used when presenting this award, or here for a .pdf version.



Josephine Award Recipients:

June 2023 - Linda Buckley and Valerie Joyce
une 2022 - Rita Giannotti

June 2021 - Susan Dillman

June 2020 - Susan Dillman and Tony Poitras

June 2019 - Jeanne LeVasseur

The Josephine Award replaced an annual award program that began in 2009.  The award, which did not have a formal name, was used to recognize member(s) who had made an outstanding contribution during the prior year.  Recipients included:

June 2018 - Nancy Sewitch

June 2017 - Susan Dillman

June 2016 - Tony Poitras

June 2015  - Bob Santin (most active new member) and Bill Colacrai (most active non-member)

June 2014  - Alberta Valerio

June 2013 - Anupa Simpatico and Helen Plekan

June 2012  - Pat Archibald

June 2011 -  Jessica Fischer

June 2010 - Linda Broker

June 2009 - Pat Archibald and Susan Dillman

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